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This page provides details for other resources that 

our clients may need or require for healthy living. 

Although these resources are other companies, we can still assist in walking you through the steps to get in contact with these agencies. 

The Greater Boston Food Bank

GBFB distributes food and resources directly to those in need through direct service programs that serve our most vulnerable populations.
CLICK HERE to visit their website


Bay Cove Human Services’ mission is to partner with people to overcome challenges and realize personal potential.
Bay Cove pursues this mission by providing individualized and compassionate services to people facing the challenges associated with developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorders, and homelessness at more than 175 program sites throughout Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts.

CLICK HERE to visit their website


Victory Human Services

Victory Human Services is a non-profit, experienced provider of quality, culturally competent care services.  Their belief is that individuals with medical conditions, disabilities and mental illness are valuable members of society and have the right to live with dignity and provide services to ensure that their clients receive the assistance they deserve.

CLICK HERE to visit their website.



ABCD is a nonprofit human services organization that each year provides more than 100,000 low income residents in the Greater Boston region with the tools and resources needed to transition from poverty to stability and from stability to success.

To fulfill this purpose, ABCD uses a comprehensive approach that systematically addresses the range of barriers faced by households in poverty, from day-to-day crises to long term needs for jobs and education.

CLICK HERE to visit their website. 


Crossroad Counseling Services

Crossroad provides an holistic approach to aid through the process of one becoming aware of their inner strengths and accessing external resources.

Crossroad is the intersection where the community with a greater need for supports and services and the community best equipped to deliver come together. Our experience enables us to connect with individuals from all walks of life integrating a variety of treatment modalities and utilizing evidence best practices.

CLICK HERE for additional information. 

Proud Parents

Connect Today

Contact us today if you or your loved one needs assistance. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide assistance for those in immediate need.

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